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Nursery trays are made of dedicated raw materials with reduced water absorption, which at standard conditions of use in one-year cycles extends their service life and reduces ingrown roots. Using trays in perennial cycles is possible for seedlings of a species with non-aggressive root systems, causing no serious damage to these systems in removed root balls, and consequently the degradation of expanded polystyrene trays. Nursery trays "max" are intended for use in forest and garden nurseries for planting seedling broadleaf and conifer trees and shrubs and the production of non-forest seedlings. Trays can be used in garden tunnels, greenhouses, and in the field nurseries.

Nursery trays are manufactured in three varieties differing in the number and volume of slots:

Type trays Tray length [mm] Tray height [mm] Tray width [mm] Number of slots in the tray [pieces] Slot volume [dm3] Apparent density [kg/m3]
V150/74 650 ± 2 mm 180 ± 2 mm 312 ± 3 mm 74 pcs. 0,145 ± 0,010 dm3 50,0 ± 5%
V200/74 650 ± 2 mm 180 ± 2 mm 312 ± 3 mm 74 pcs. 0,195 ± 0,015 dm3 40,0 ± 5%
V300/53 650 ± 2 mm 180 ± 2 mm 312 ± 3 mm 53 pcs. 0,195 ± 0,015 dm3 40,0 ± 5%

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Nursery tray supports are designed mainly for use in nurseries and are used to place nursery trays with seedlings on them in garden tunnels, greenhouses and field nurseries.
We offer the following tray supports:

  • High support
  • Low support