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Nursery tray supports are designed mainly for use in nurseries and are used to place nursery trays with seedlings on them in garden tunnels, greenhouses and field nurseries.Tray supports with the nursery trays Marbet V300/53, V200/74 and V150/74 are elements of the MARBET Nursery System.

Marbet supports can also be used for raising other types of trays, such as PVC. The supports allow the trays to be raised to the height of 16 cm above the ground, allowing the free movement of air in all directions, necessary for drying overgrown roots. Low supports raise the trays to a height of 9 cm above the ground and are intended primarily for use with fixed transverse sleepers (e.g. concrete), which also guarantees the free movement of air in all directions. They can be used directly on the substrate in the case of narrow and spaced rows of crops. Low supports are easier to handle in transport and storage.

Supports may be factory combined in sets using straps for easy disassembly and dismantling. A long set consisting of 21 supports provides simultaneous support for 80 trays.

Supports have the following parameters:

Support type Support length[mm] Support height [mm] Support width [mm] Apparent density [kg/m3] Bending stress(*) [kPa]
High support 1240±2 160±2 82±3 50±5% 420
Low support 1240±2 90±2 82±3 50±5% 420

Possible sets: medium - 14 supports for 52 trays or a short set - 7 supports for 24 trays. 

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Nursery trays

Nursery trays are made of dedicated raw materials with reduced water absorption, which at standard conditions of use in one-year cycles extends their service life and reduces ingrown roots.
Nursery trays are manufactured in two varieties differing in the number and volume of slots:

  • V150 / 74
  • V200 / 74
  • V300 / 53